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Modder creates controller fighting pad with arcade stick buttons

Imagine that you're a diehard fighting game enthusiast who's cursed with a love of a conventional controller's directional pad, but also an arcade stick's clicky, satisfying buttons. No controller has ever met your odd, bipolar needs -- until now, that is. Behold: The Frankensteinian peripheral seen above, crafted by modder "rtdzign" from a Sega Saturn control pad and some homemade arcade buttons. You can check out a few more pictures of the mashed-up controller on Shoryuken.

The question that remains is what you'd call this bad boy. An "Arcade Pad?" A "Control Stick?" A "Stick Pad," perhaps? How about "Gorgonth, the Combiner and Destroyer of Worlds?" No, that's a tad wordy.

[Thanks, Keits!]

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