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News Corp reportedly holding back iTunes rentals


With all of the speculation flying around about tomorrow, a few people are poopooing any idea that Apple will mention the iTV at all. The invitation doesn't say anything about it being "show time." Images like the guitar are usually reserved for iLife and the iPod, and it's unlikely that Apple will put a brand new iTV into that somewhat crowded mix. But there's something about the iTV that makes me think we'll see it after all, and it's the persistent rumor that Apple is chasing down TV deals for iTunes. News Corp is reportedly the latest holdout, but we've heard for a while now that Apple is running around trying to quickly hammer out deals for 99-cent TV rentals in iTunes (a system that will supposedly compete with the ever popular Netflix and Hulu services).

None of this has been officially confirmed -- not by Apple or by any of the media companies that it's supposedly negotiating with. And of course, nothing is true until we see Steve talking about it on stage tomorrow. It's totally possible that he'll simply show off an updated iPod touch or a new version of iLife and then bid us good day.

But I'm standing by my predictions! I think the time for a new iTV is now, and even if Apple goes on stage tomorrow and says that it's currently got deals with just a few companies, and there are more to come, a foot in consumers' doors is certainly better than nothing.

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