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Roku cuts price of media players in possible anticipation of new Apple TV

Mel Martin

Maybe it's coincidence, but probably not. On the eve of a rumored announcement of an updated US $99.00 Apple TV, Roku has cut the price of its media players. The standard definition model has been slashed $20 to $59.99, and the high definition model has been trimmed by $30 to $99.99.

The Roku hardware supports 50 different channels, including Netflix and Vimeo, with no PC or Mac connection needed. Apple is expected to announce a revamped Apple TV, rumored to be called the iTV. It may be built on iOS 4, which would allow many of the iPad and iPhone apps to be run on it.

Of course no one knows for sure what Apple will announce tomorrow, but it's not uncommon to see price cuts from competitors just before Apple makes its plans public. If you're set on buying an iTV, you'll obviously want to wait until Wednesday's show, but if you've had your eye on a Roku, saving a few extra bucks is never a bad thing.

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