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World of Tanks preparing for round two of closed beta

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Round one of closed beta is officially over, and the developers of World of Tanks are taking a couple of days to catch their breath. This phase of testing lasted seven weeks, and according to, over 4,000 players were participating concurrently at peak times. Those players kept busy, participating in more than 500,000 battles, firing more than 150 million shots, and destroying more than 15 million vehicles.

It seems that has some restocking to do, and producer Nick Katselapov says that phase two will be even better: "We had a number of features held in reserve during the first phase of the closed beta and we'll be more than happy to introduce some of them as soon as the servers go live again."

If you want to see those features firsthand, beta signups are being accepted for the next round of testing, which begins September 1st.

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