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ArenaNet plans "PAX to the MAX"

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

PAX Prime is nearly upon us -- attendees (and Massively staffers) from all over are packing their suitcases and confirming hotel reservations, and a large part of them have Guild Wars 2 at the top of their must-see list.

The newest entry on the ArenaNet blog is what those fans have been waiting for: the PAX schedule. The list shows three busy days for ANet staffers, and plenty to do for those attending. A book signing, panel, and party at the Hard Rock Cafe combine with a series of demos and prize giveaways to fill the schedule. An important note here is that both the panel and the party require passes which can be acquired at the ArenaNet booth or through quiz show giveaways. Check out the entire list and we'll see you at PAX!

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