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PlayStation Move review: Kung Fu Rider


Of all the launch games for Move, I thought that Kung Fu Rider, a wacky office chair riding game from Sony's Japanese studios, would be right up my alley. As it turns out, it's my least favorite of the initial lineup.

So yeah – the game is all about escaping the Yakuza down streets and alleyways while riding on an office chair, carts ... even a pink toy horse. It's a lovely game and a really neat concept, but the controls just about ruin it.

Tilting the Move controller left or right turns, which makes sense; flicking up jumps; thrusting forward ... thrusts; but from there it just gets weird and more complicated. Mechanics such as side-stepping and actual "kung fu" attacks are brought into play until every button on the Move controller is being used for something. It's hard enough to remember what everything does and nothing feels precise or reactive enough (even on the most sensitive settings).

The levels are also incredibly samey and brief – Kung Fu Rider is basically an arcade game that would have played better with a regular controller, and might have been worthwhile as a $10 PSN release. As a full $40 retail title with no standard controller support (not that it should have to have it!), Kung Fu Rider is pricey and a poor execution of a cool concept.

This review is based on a pre-release version of Kung Fu Rider provided by Sony.

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