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PlayStation Move review: Racquet Sports


Ubisoft's initial Move offering is, at its core, an HD Wii Sports Tennis play-alike, only with additional racquet sports (that's some title, huh?), online play, unlockable gear and a roster of characters that bear a disturbing resemblance to the puppets from Team America: World Police.

I found the tennis portion on par with what Nintendo delivered in Wii Sports, but the unlocks and different venues are a nice plus. Like Wii Sports (which Ubisoft aped for the Wii version of Racquet Sports earlier this year), you don't have direct control over your player in tennis or any of the sports featured in the Move game, though you can hold the Move pad's T button to gain full control of your racquet, which makes the game both more realistic and more challenging.

Beach tennis, squash and badminton are also a lot of fun -- not to mention varied -- but the table tennis feels really off after having played its Sports Champions equivalent. Although, even if I hadn't, I believe it still wouldn't feel right.

If you're after a tennis fix with Move and can't hold out for Virtua Tennis 4, this $30 title is a lot of fun and has high production qualities. A word of warning though: The game runs in 1080p at 60fps, but there's noticeable screen tearing.

This review is based on a pre-release version of Racquet Sports provided by Ubisoft.

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