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Ubisoft's movie parody posters look like a Bloody Good Time


Ubisoft sent out a series of three parody movie posters (and Tweeted another), featuring an overlapping group of characters. The publisher didn't explain what these posters related to, only saying "YOU MAY NOT KNOW IT.. BUT EVERYONE CAN MAKE IT BIG IN HOLLYWOOD.. WITH A GLIMPSE OF CRUELTY!" The posters all feature the same fake-name credits, though they all strangely list Robbie Coltrane as one of the stars.

Ubisoft happens to have a Hollywood- and cruelty-themed game in its lineup: the PC/XBLA game Bloody Good Time, about teenage actors competing violently for a movie role. That was supposed to have been released by the end of June, so it's long past bloody time we heard something. The timing of these posters' release suggests we'll see more (and find out if these really do relate to Bloody Good Time) this weekend at PAX. Hopefully, we'll find that the game is funnier than the posters.

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