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Breakfast Topic: How far did you expect to take WoW?


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I want to share with you all a story. Once upon a time, there was a WoW noob who was known as Donaldserrot the human warrior. I'm pretty sure the only thing he did right was Brewfest. But he had fun, at least until he either grouped up with other players (who made fun of his gear) or went to the Outland (where the mobs showed him how bad his gear was).

It was at this time that Donald reached the end. There wasn't much more he could do as he was, and he didn't have the desire to fix things, so he retired. At that time, a new WoW nooblet showed up. Donhorn was different and decided to try to learn more about not just his druidic class but also his tauren history. He knew of the trials Donaldserrot had gone through and knew that in order to go the distance, he'd need to train.

This is just a brief history of my own mindset playing this game for the past two years, and it shows something about what I wanted from this game: to go as far as I could. I always figured I'd never be a raider. I'd just quest till 80, then do whatever till the next expansion came out. And I figured I'd never even see the Lich King -- at least until the next expansion and level boost made him soloable. Like Rocky, I didn't see my own potential; I didn't know I could go that distance. Now, my guild and I are sitting in his throne room staring the Lich King in the face, like Apollo and Rocky before their epic battle, and only one thing is going through my mind: "You have to go the distance with this bum; you have to."

What was your mindset when you started playing? Did you think you would go the distance? Everyone has a different distance they strive for; what's yours?

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