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Kojima wants a 'Complete' edition of MGS4, if someone else makes it

Poor ol' Hideo Kojima has apparently been on the receiving end of a plethora of demands from his rabid fanbase, all crying out for the integration of some of the PS3's patched-in features into Metal Gear Solid 4. The idiosyncratic developer took time out of his busy schedule of eating bizarre-looking foodstuffs to respond by saying, "I wanted to make a 'Complete Version' with trophy support and 3D, but if I did that I wouldn't be able to work on a new game. I wonder if someone else would make it for me."

Well, gang -- any takers? It really shouldn't be too hard. Just drop a trophy in for completing each boss fight, one for beating the game on its hardest difficulty, and one for beating the game using only your wits and a pornographic magazine. Give them some clever names ("I Only Read It For The Articles," for instance), and baby, you're good to go.

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