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Quick, come follow us on Digg before our wagon tips over!


You know what the best way to avoid dying of dysentery is? It's following your friendly, neighborhood MMO site on Digg! Following us on Digg grants you a 99.8% chance of not dying from dysentery when trekking through the dangerous landscape that is the virtual Oregon Trail.

Following us also affords you other amazing benefits, like getting all of our best headlines sent straight to you! You can vote on the content we post, so be sure to vote up the stories on our site that you love! Plus, if all of that wasn't neat enough, the things you Digg about MMOs can be shared with us, and we might even cover it! All of this helps us learn what content you lovely readers want to see on the site, and it gives you another say in how we do things here at Massively.

So what do you have to do to get all of these benefits and a free set of buffalo meat? All you have to do is visit our Digg page and follow us! That's it! Don't have a Digg account? Well you can get yourself one in no time flat.

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