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Rumor: Sony surveying interest in PS3 Digital Comics service

Have you ever wished you could turn the act of reading a comic book into a more social experience, but without all the reading over your shoulder and creepy breathing down the back your shirt? Sony might be making moves to bring your dream to fruition. PS3 enthusiast site Addicted to PlayStation reported receiving a survey inquiring whether they would be interested in seeing the Digital Comics service, which launched last November on the PSP, migrate to the PS3 (or other devices) sometime in the future.

If Sony really is planning on bringing comics to the big screen, we're torn on whether or not that would be a good thing. On one hand, part of the joy of comics is burying your face in the pages -- an experience you couldn't really replicate on a TV. On the other, we could finally use this as a chance to show our friends what incredibly expedient readers we are. "Oh, you're still on panel four? We're on panel nine. What's up?"

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