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The Daily Grind: What content will you never do again?


For me, it's Dungeons and Dragons Online's The Pit, a horribly convoluted 3-D maze of traps, ramps and switchback objectives. My one and only experience running this dungeon lasted well over two hours and several deaths. It was one of those runs that you grit your teeth and hang on thinking that it's got to end some time soon... right? When I finally stepped out into the sunlight, I turned around, /spit on the doorway, and promised myself, "Never again!"

So what content are you determined never to do again in your MMO? Perhaps, like my story, it was an agonizing dungeon crawl. Maybe you can't fathom doing a particular reputation grind one more time. Or you could be at the point where the entire leveling process is anathema to your soul. We all have our breaking points, after all.

Today, please share with the rest of the class what content you'll never do again if you have your say -- and why you won't do it.

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