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Tokyo is a battleground for animals in PS3's 'Tokyo Jungle'


The latest game to be born from Sony's "PlayStation CAMP" initiative, which brought us both What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? and Patchwork Heroes, is simple to describe yet difficult to explain. Tokyo Jungle is about animals running free in the streets of Tokyo in the year 20XX, and doing their best to survive against the other creatures roaming the city.

Story Mode takes players through missions, each played as a different animal, including a race horse craving competition and a pet Pomeranian craving ... food. During these missions, you'll learn what happened to make the humans leave Earth. Survival Mode allows players to pick from over 80 different animals -- like elephants, chimps (in overalls!) and porcupines -- and survive as long as possible. Tokyo Jungle will arrive in the still-populated Japan this winter.
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