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Crackdown 2 players report crashing issues with 'Toy Box' DLC

Looks like its time to throw another victim on the pile of DLC which crashes the game upon which it's intended to expand. This time around, it's Crackdown 2's recently released "Toy Box" pack, which is supposed to add the "Keys to the City" mode from the first game, as well as a handful of new weapons and items. According to a number of angry commenters on, the 560 Microsoft Point ($7) download doesn't add this content as much as it ... well, removes everything else.

For reasons unknown, a large number of players report that the game simply freezes up when trying to play after having downloaded the "Toy Box" pack. Some users report that clearing the system's cache and playing offline allows the game to load, but connecting to Live and downloading the game's latest update returns it to its non-functioning state. We've contacted Microsoft to find out what the problem is, and when we can expect a fix. You might want to consider keeping the "Toy Box" firmly closed for the time being.

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