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Disaster Report 4 to shake up PS3 with Move and 3D support


Irem is working on a new Disaster Report game, this time for the PS3. Titled Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 4: Summer Memories, the first HD entry of the franchise has you escaping an earthquake-stricken city in the year 201X. (And no, Mega Man won't be making a cameo ... we think!) In addition to supporting 3D and PlayStation Move, this will be the first title in the series to add a "cleanliness" parameter. According to Andriasang, "if your character gets too dirty, your stress will rise." Thankfully, you'll be able to take care of this with the all-new "use the toilet" feature!

It's unclear if Disaster Report 4 will make it stateside. The last entry in the series, a PSP game, never found a publisher. The first two games for PS2 were released as Disaster Report and the pornographic-sounding Raw Danger (pictured above).

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