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Final Fantasy XIV beta gets new servers and a roleplaying home

Eliot Lefebvre

If you weren't lucky enough to get into the Final Fantasy XIV open beta right away, it's been an interesting couple days, with beta keys being given out briefly, disabled briefly, then given out once again ad infinitum. While the cycle continues unabated, it's telling that Square-Enix has released a new quintet of servers for the beta, bringing the current total to 15. While that doesn't mean the distribution of beta keys has returned to full operation, it's clear that Square is working overtime to address the demand.

In other server-related news, Final Fantasy XIV's official server list has sparked a number of community votes for movement, including one that will have a large impact on server atmospheres. The community-run FFXIV Roleplaying Coalition has designated the Besaid server as the unofficial RP server after a day-long vote, a fact which has been spread around to the general fansite community in hopes of promoting the destination. Roleplaying linkshells and communities have already begun establishing themselves on Besaid, both to reserve character names for launch and to begin building a future server culture.

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