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For You Digital MX10 5-inch Android MID hands-on

Chris Ziegler

Who says the Streak is the only game in town if you want a 5-inch Android device? Well, no one, actually -- there are lots of generic options if you just want something with a 5-inch display running on Google juice -- but regardless, we had a chance to check out just such a device introduced at IFA this week, the so-called MX10 with Android 2.1 from South Korea's For You Digital. Our first impression on seeing the MX10 is that it's pretty stylish and doesn't give off the air of jankiness that you occasionally get with these off-brand MIDs; it's available in both black and white, and we especially liked the white which gets a matte silver ring around the edge (the black is paired with chrome, which obviously suffers from more fingerprint issues). There's no internal cellular connectivity (the "E" on the screen above seems to be a bug), but the device supports USB host mode, which means you can connect a USB modem from your carrier of choice when the 802.11b / g just doesn't cut it. Unfortunately, the MX10's Achilles' heel is its display, which we found to be exceptionally low-contrast -- putting it up against a Super AMOLED would be almost comical -- and resistive, which just isn't a good option for a platform as finger-friendly as Android is. If anything, this might make for a good media tank that you can use to carry around a bunch of movies, since it's available in internal capacities from 2GB up to 16GB and offers microSD expansion paired with HDMI-out (real HDMI, not micro) and 1080p capability. Check out some more shots (including more of the white) in the gallery.

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