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LG's 180-inch plasma that wasn't


When we first caught wind of LG's "180-inch plasma" we were understandably enthused (and just a little skeptical), but our excitement was quickly ruined with word that LG was merely sticking nine 600Hz 60-inch plasmas next to each other and calling it a day. We got a glimpse at the "multi-vision display" (LG shorthand for "a bunch of screens next to each other") today, and it's still decently impressive in its own right. LG's managed to get the seams between the screens down to a mere 1.5mm, and while the lines are still noticeable, they could be a lot worse. While they lines certainly get in the way of entertainment, it actually provides an interesting effect when donning the 3D glasses -- almost highlighting the effect of depth. LG has some pretty boring plans for the screens, like digital signage and education, and we'll be sticking to projectors for our big screen needs, but we're still saying a 180-inch straight-up, no funny business plasma would be pretty stellar.

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