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SageTV puts $150 HD Theater 300 up for pre-order, breaks down the specifications

Darren Murph

Whoa, welcome to the new decade SageTV! Nearly two full years after introducing the HD Theater HD200, the aforesaid company is hitting back with the HD Theater 300 -- and frankly, the timing couldn't possibly be worse. Last month, a $149.95 price tag on a no-name streamer may have looked attractive, but with the revised Apple TV and price-adjusted Roku line, we get the feeling this one will be a hard sell. At any rate, this new networked set-top box boasts a non-stackable design, a Toslink optical audio jack, HDMI 1.3 socket, a pair of USB jacks and an Ethernet connector. It also supports Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD/MA (which means you're cleared to bitstream to your HDMI 1.3 receiver), but you'll need to pony up an extra $29.95 for a WiFi dongle. Yeah, bummer. The outfit suggests that you turn this critter into a whole home DVR solution by running SageTV Media Center software alongside of it, but you should probably know that you'll have some trouble if trying to shove DRM'd content through it. It's available for pre-order down in the source link if you're interested.

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SageTV Releases $149.95 SageTV HD Theater 300 for Full HD playback of home Video, Music & Photos

Fastest Full HD Networked Media Player also offers online video from YouTube and major networks

Inglewood, CA (August 31, 2010) --- SageTV, LLC, today released SageTV HD Theater 300 for $149.95, that's the fastest and latest generation networked media player from SageTV that lets you enjoy virtually any home video, music or photo from your home network in Full HD on your HDTV. You can also search, browse and play internet video from YouTube and many other popular online video services on the SageTV HD Theater 300. The SageTV HD Theater 300 supports the latest HD audio formats including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD/MA for bitstreaming to your HDMI 1.3 receiver as well as two channel decoding to provide full audio support on all TVs in your home.

Setup with the SageTV HD Theater 300 is really simple, connect the HD Theater 300 to your HDTV and connect to your home network and you're ready to enjoy all your favorite digital entertainment. If you don't have a home network near the TV, the optional USB wireless adapter ($29.95) is easy to use or any USB storage will work as well. Any NAS with Windows or Mac compatible networking or UPnP can also be used with the SageTV HD Theater 300.

The SageTV HD Theater 300 can also work as a whole home HDTV DVR solution by running SageTV Media Center software on any PC, Mac or Linux computer with a HDTV Tuner on the home network. With SageTV Media Center the SageTV HD Theater 300 works as a high performance HD Media Extender with providing a rich, animated whole home DVR and Media Center experience with full season recording. All the video, music and photos as well as TV Tuners and Internet video from the SageTV Media Center system are available when SageTV HD Theater 300 is used as a HD Media Extender.

Other notable features in SageTV HD Theater 300 include:

* Search for any content from USB, home network or Internet video.
* Works with flash or hard disk drive USB storage as well as UPnP, Windows and Mac compatible NAS or network storage.
* Access current weather and forecast with a touch of a remote button.
* Works with virtually any non-DRM video, music or photo format.
* Includes universal remote with programmable buttons and support for an optional external IR receiver.
* DVD and BluRay playback support (ISO, BDMV or VIDEO_TS)
* Very small footprint at only 5 1/16" W x 1 1/2" H x 4" D

The SageTV HD Theater 300 provides an easy to setup way to enjoy your favorite home videos, music and photos and Internet video in Full HD at an affordable price. SageTV has been adding more and more new content and services to SageTV HD Theater 300 and SageTV Media Center and strives to deliver the best overall digital entertainment experience.

Specifications, Pricing and Availability

SageTV HD Theater 300 and all accessories are available at and costs $149.95. The optional USB Wireless g/n adapter is $29.95. The optional external IR receiver is $7.95. SageTV Media Center software, the DVR/Media Center software for Windows, Mac or Linux, costs $79.95. SageTV Placeshifter an add-on to SageTV Media Center allows live and recorded TV to be watched at home or anywhere over the internet, costs $29.95. Minimum system requirements for recording HD include a 3 Ghz processor or a lower cost processor in combination with a video card and decoder that support DXVA; Windows 98SE through Windows XP including XP MCE; 256Mb of RAM; and 60GB of available hard drive space to store recorded content.

About SageTV

SageTV, LLC is a pioneer in networked digital entertainment, dvr and home media center technologies that combine TV, video, music and related media into a complete, easy-to-use home media experience. The company was founded in 2002 and is based in Inglewood, CA. For more information, visit

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