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Cataclysm Beta: Warrior glyphs

Matthew Rossi

Unlike rogue and shaman glyphs, warrior glyphs do not appear to be finalized as of this beta push, but there have definitely been some changes and alterations that are worth discussing. We discussed the change to the philosophy of glyph design already this week but neglected to point out the specific new glyph options. Several glyphs are either entirely new or changed to reflect the "unambiguous increase" design goal.

  • Bloodthirst Increases the damage of Bloodthirst by 10 percent. (The older glyph is apparently renamed Bloody Healing.)
  • Slam This glyph increases Slam's critical strike chance by 5 percent.
  • Heroic Throw With this glyph, your Heroic Throw will also apply a stack of Sunder Armor.
  • Overpower Another flat 10 percent damage increase replaces the old glyph that gave Overpower 100 percent chance to proc after a parry.
  • Raging Blow Raging Blow's glyph is unique in that it is the only one that reduces a cooldown, but since Raging Blow is still dependent on the warrior being enraged to use it, it's unlikely to change a rotation.
  • Shield Slam Another flat 10 percent damage increase, replacing the old glyph that increases block chance by 10 percent after a Shield Slam.
What we're seeing here is that with or without these glyphs, you'd hit the same buttons at the same time. The glyphs merely provide more damage or an added utility, in the case of Heroic Throw. While we're definitely still waiting for a complete list of new or changed glyphs to make a call, it's clear that we can see how the prime/major/minor glyph system will work and where the most customization options will be found (the major and minor tiers of glyphs). You're going to want the two or three prime glyphs that directly boost your abilities and can make fun choices afterward.

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