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Pro Australian photogs have a go at the iPhone camera

Mel Martin

There's no question that photography with the iPhone is really catching on. Now, with iPhone 4, the camera quality is up, and people seem to be using it more and more for pictures they want to keep instead of casual snaps.

A pro group of photographers, the ACMP (Australian Commercial and Media Photographers) ran a competition soliciting photos taken with an iPhone. The requirement was that the entrants use the Hipstamatic app to acquire the images, and that no further image manipulation could be applied. Hipstamatic emulates old styles of analog photography, along with classic lens emulations and different film characteristics. The app is US $1.99.

The results are interesting and artistic. I've put a couple of the winners in a gallery, and I've provided a link so that you can see all the entries. The grand prize winner of the competition, Andrew Evans from Sydney, received an iPad.

Thanks to Gavin Blue for letting us know about the contest. Gavin was also a winner.

Gallery: ACMP Photo Competition | 3 Photos

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