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Unofficial iPhone launch dates for Korea, Taiwan


At long last, we have (unofficial) launch dates for the iPhone 4 in Korea and Taiwan.

In Korea, pre-orders began last month despite the lack of an official launch date. According to MacNN, distributor KT Corporation has announced that the iPhone 4 will hit store shelves on September 10th. KT's official site is a bit confusing, though; a news post says "October" in the headline and simply "September" in the body of the post. But that could be a translation error.

Meanwhile, Taiwan channels are reporting that the iPhone 4 will go on sale in that country on September 15th. Demand has been huge in Taiwan, where eager customers have reportedly placed 150,000 pre-orders since August.

We'll let you know when we hear anything official. If you're in Korea or Taiwan and find any compelling news on the subject, please let us know. Above is a TV ad that ran prior to the iPhone 3G's release in Korea.

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