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Halo: Reach Legendary Edition gets developer commentary


Setting the price at $150, Bungie claims to give you the most complete Halo: Reach experience possible in the game's Legendary Edition, shipping next week. Adding to the sculpture and other various material goodies included in the package, Bungie recently revealed another piece of content: "two full hours of exclusive, behind-the-scenes campaign commentary covering unrevealed aspects of Halo: Reach's production." Creative director Marcus Lehto and crew commentate an entire campaign playthrough -- "judiciously edited to excise the downtime" -- and show off Reach "from concept to cutting room floor."

Additionally, Bungie pointed out in its weekly update that it won't be punishing folks for playing Reach early (legitimate copies, at least) -- but there will be a credit reset at launch. This means that those of you lucky enough to secure an early retail disc shouldn't get too attached to that sweet helmet or those shiny shoulder pads -- they'll disappear come September 14. Bungie also warns early players that the multiplayer is still in a "test" state, meaning various issues may pop up (matchmaking, credit acquisition, and the daily challenge are all said to be "running at less than optimal levels"). Even so, if you've gotten an early copy, you can enjoy the single-player campaign for the next week.

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