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Runes of Magic is calling players to clean up the Raksha Temple


"Toss me the loot, I'll throw you the whip!" If you're looking for a bit of Indiana Jones in your MMO this fall, then Runes of Magic has you covered. The ever-expanding free MMO is adding a brand-new dungeon to the game called The Raksha Temple, and it positively reeks of ancient civilizations, forest overgrowth and nasty traps.

Players will choose between one of three difficulty levels as they encroach upon the sacred grounds of this temple. The complex is guarded by the half-beast, half-human Angren, who made a deal with the forest deity Raksha to guard the temple in exchange for a bit of divine protection. However, this symbiotic relationship is breaking, and the Angren are calling out for help to set things right.

Depending on the level of difficulty selected, the dungeon will increase or decrease the rewards earned. Check out the gallery below to get a peek into the forbidden Raksha Temple!

Gallery: Runes of Magic: The Raksha Temple | 11 Photos

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