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Cyberduck adds cloud file management improvements


My FTP app of choice, Cyberduck, has updated to version 3.6, and as you can see on the changelog, it's a nice, chunky update. The developers have added in support for Google Storage, made things easier for Amazon S3 users, and added a lot of little features and bugfixes that make the whole experience easier and more compatible with other apps and platforms.

I still like Cyberduck as an app -- a lot of Mac users praise the heck out of Transmit, and it's also a very nice app, but I like supporting open source (and don't mind the free downloads, either). And Cyberduck is still growing -- they just recently announced that a Windows version is coming soon, so if you need to do some FTP'ing on Microsoft's platform, but want a Mac-quality app to do it with, Cyberduck could be the one. That version is in beta now, and should be out for release soon.

Cyberduck, as open source software, is a free download, with the option to make a donation to the hardworking developers over here.

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