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PAX Prime 2010 had over 67k attendees; international show teased


67,600. That's the number of nerds and gaming fans that rushed Seattle's PAX Prime show this year. It's easily the largest gaming event in the US open to the public, and it shows no sign of losing momentum. This year's show made headlines, too, with the surprise reveal of a fully playable Duke Nukem Forever.

Speaking with Gamasutra, the Penny Arcade duo noted that the establishment of PAX not only serves gamers, but publishers as well. "[Publishers] need a place like PAX to promote [their products]," the team said. This year's show gave fans (and journalists!) an additional opportunity to check out games like Epic Mickey, Swarm, and Outland before release. PAX's timing, the Penny Arcade duo argue, allow for games to be spread more evenly throughout the year. "Before, if a game didn't make its Christmas launch it was a nightmare. This year was much more distributed as far as big releases."

Penny Arcade Expo will return to Boston next year for PAX East 2011, which will undoubtedly also turn up big numbers. But, PAX may have its eyes set on an international show. "A third PAX would likely take place in a different country," the Gamasutra report states. "Preferably somewhere the duo want to visit." PAX South Africa, perhaps? Cause we've got that covered!

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