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The Classifieds: Sing that Sindragosa to me


The Classifieds brings you weekly news from around the WoW community, including the famous Random Acts of Uberness shout-outs to players who makeWoW memorable.

I've seen nearly as many methods for maintaining a raid's morale as I have seen raids. Everyone does something a little different. I've even participated in "strip raiding" before. (I really try not to talk about it, you know? Let's just say that wipes affected more than just one's repair cost.) My point is that every raid tends to have its own version of the old carrot and stick.

Elexiari of <Kingship of the East> from Emerald Dream (US-A) tells us that her raid has a rather unique method of keeping spirits high. She says, "We take turns singing after every boss kill, and sometimes at random times for a morale boost." I agree that it's a pretty cool way to keep the guns blazing. Elexiari does say they're struggling with Sindragosa a bit. Our own Mathew McCurley says this group may need to ...

... change its tune. (He then put on sunglasses and drove into the sunlight.)

Random Acts of Uberness

Rhianlyn, Randal and DPSers (Whirlwind battlegroup) I just hit 80 yesterday on my priest and queued for my second-ever heroic as discipline. Imagine my panic when the loading screen revealed Forge of Souls! Fortunately, I had one of the best groups ever. We sailed through with spirits high and no deaths until I jinxed us at the Devourer of Souls and we wiped. But instead of getting upset, my groupmates remained confident and we defeated the Devourer with no further death! So I'd like to give a very big thank-you and hug to Rhianlyn, Randal, and the two other excellent DPS. Extra hugs to the mage for the strudel! -- Kalayun, Cenarion Circle (US-A)

Kaanar of Moonguard (US-A) I decided to level a new character on a brand new realm away from the support system of my 80s. After choosing a holy priest and grinding away, I finally used the dungeon finder. I was thrown in with a friendly heirloom geared shaman, Kaanar. After several marvelous runs, we finally had to part ways, but not before he asked me to hold tight in Darkshore where he hunted me down on his main. To my amazement, he gave me four Netherweave Bags and 100 gold as a "welcome to Moon Guard!" I have never been so surprised or humbled! Kaanar, you rock. -- Lasemistia, Moon Guard (US-A)

Community News

The Consortium has achieved its initial site launch. The Consortium describes itself as a WoW site dedicated to the entrepeneurial spirit, while still remaining free and in complete adherence to Blizzard's EULA. Sites like this are always exciting, so roll on over and say hello!

Employment: guilds recruiting

Fresh in Cataclysm <The Frozen Core> of Bloodhoof (US-H) is recruiting players of all skill levels for a fresh start in Cataclysm. We are looking to build not only a successful raiding guild but also a strong community. Looking for mature players with the dedication to build a guild from the ground up. Accepting both rerolls and transfers for our raiding and rated battleground teams.

Fun, social and casual <Omg Brb Icecream Truck> of The Scryers (US-H) is recruiting. We are a fun, friendly bunch of Horde who are helpful, like to chat and have fun. You can be a raider, PvPer or someone who just thinks Horde has better ice cream than Alliance; we will accept you. Whisper any member for an invite.

Healers needed <Face on Fire> on Bloodscalp (US-H) is restoration druid and a discipline priest for ICC heroic progression. We are primed to be the first on Bloodscalp to down the Lich King in heroic mode. We raid Tuesday and Thursday 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. server time.

Icecrown Citadel 25-man hard <Insomniac> on Area 52 (US-H) is looking for exceptional and reliable players to join us in ICC 25-man hard mode progression. We raid late (12:30 a.m. through 4 a.m. EST) and are currently five out of 12 on the hard modes.

New guild <Science Based Alchemy> of Terrokar (US-H) is a guild that is interested in science, critical thinking and skepticism. We all believe very strongly in science education, skeptical activism and just generally bringing science and critical thinking to the public. Check out their web site for more information on this interesting new guild.

Roleplay and more <Battle Hymn> on Moon Guard (US-A) is looking for new members of all playstyles. We're a roleplaying guild originally and, after a hiatus, are now building up for Cataclysm, regearing into a social/RP/raiding type of environment. We're looking for roleplayers, raiders to build our roster and anyone who's looking for a casual play-how-you-want guild full of friendly, helpful and legitimately insane members.

Serious raiding <Inception> of Stormreaver (US-A) is a serious raiding guild looking for competent players who are willing to commit to three days of raiding a week and show up for all three days! We plan on moving into hardcore raiding in Cataclysm and need people who are ready for this kind of playstyle. We are mostly looking for DPS currently, but exceptions will be made for exceptional players. Talk to a member in game or check out our website and apply!

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