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Tsunoda describes Kinect's object-scanning, controller-wielding future


One of the cooler features Microsoft touted in its first Project Natal (now Kinect) video was the ability to scan objects and use them in your games. Unfortunately, that feature is nowhere to be found in any Kinect game announced so far, and Microsoft has been mum on the subject ... until now. Kinect mastermind Kudo Tsunoda told Eurogamer that although current games may not utilize it now, it's something we can expect in future titles. "Being able to digitise real-world objects and take them into the virtual world ... I think we're going to see a lot more games start using that as well as we go forward."

The future of Kinect won't be entirely controller-free, either. While Sony has taken shots at the Kinect's lack of button input, Tsunoda says that "it's not like we're trying to take controllers out of the equation." While the current library is focused on an entirely controller-free experience, Tsunoda says that "games that involve both controllers and Kinect as well are totally possible."

"That's one of the unique things about the Xbox platform: we can do controllers; we can do controllers with Kinect, which is more than just motion control, it has voice and human recognition as well." So Kudo, when are you going to reveal the head-tracking enabled, voice-command Halo tactical FPS we just imagined?

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