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Apple Newton to be reborn as iPhone case


Isn't it nice when siblings get along? Here's an idea for using a dead, hollowed-out Newton Message Pad as an Phone case. Case hacker Charles Mangin has had success with other projects, like the Mac Plus G4, the Mac mini stuffed into an Apple Disk II floppy drive and the iNewt. So far he's only completed a "sketch" of the project, but given his past work, we're sure he can pull it off.

This mod will obviously add a lot of bulk to the iPhone (and destroy a Newt), but who cares? The whole point is the fun and marriage of the old and the new. Plus, there's something oddly "right" about that image, no? Though it is funny to think Apple once released a stylus-based handheld, given Jobs' current feeling about that mechanic.

We wish Charles good luck and hope he'll ping us when the project is complete.

[Via RickMacMerc]

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