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With AirPlay, Apple opens iTunes software to a 3rd party


Engadget reports that Apple has opened its AirPlay technology to a third party, BridgeCo. BridgeCo is the maker of JukeBlox, a network streaming technology that's embedded into its partners' audio products and equipment to allow wireless audio streaming. And, it just so happens, according to BridgeCo's website, that the JukeBlox platform will play nicely with Apple's AirPlay technology.

What does this mean in layman's terms? It means that any audio equipment manufacturer that integrates BridgeCo's JukeBlox technology will be able to stream music from iTunes or iOS devices running iOS 4.2. This is the first time Apple's has opened up its iTunes software to a third party. In fact, CNBC reports that "BridgeCo worked with Apple on its AirPlay."

According to a blog at BridgeCo's website, it is currently partnered with audio equipment manufacturers DENON, iHome, JBL, and B&W, to name a few, with "many more coming." Not so coincidently, these brands are also mentioned on Apple's official AirPlay website as featured partners.

However, there's one piece that's left to fit into the puzzle. Marantz is listed as a featured partner on Apple's official AirPlay website, but there is no mention of Marantz on BridgeCo's partner list. Maybe it's just a question of time. Regardless, all this wireless audio streaming talk certainly bodes well for getting your music around the house.

Update: Reader Leo notes in comments, and Dion via Twitter, that Marantz is a sister company of Denon; both are owned by D&M Holdings, along with other premium audio brands like McIntosh and Boston Acoustics.

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