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Verizon dishes on Fascinate's problems -- internally, anyway

Chris Ziegler

Rest assured this information was never meant to make it into the public eye (not all in one place, anyway), and from Verizon's perspective, there's a good reason for that -- if you've got a Fascinate, you just know you're going to be looking out for all these bugs now that you might not have noticed otherwise. Sorry to turn you into a nervous wreck, owners, but let's have a look at some of the bigger problems Big Red has its eye on in Sammy's latest incarnation of the Galaxy S: GPS lock latency is said to be abnormally long with no workaround available (sound familiar?), pressing the Search button while on a call can hang you up, calendar alerts can't be changed, and the backlighting on the bottom keys is fixed at five seconds -- something we'd complained about on other versions of the phone but is conveniently tied to the keyboard backlight settings on the Epic 4G. Nothing in the list necessarily sounds like a deal-breaker, but for a carrier known for testing the crap out of its phones prior to release, we'll admit that the list is a bit longer than we would've expected.

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