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EverQuest opens orders for House of Thule

Eliot Lefebvre

There's a certain seasonal familiarity to EverQuest expansions, with the game continuing to launch new ones at a steady pace through its twelve-year run. House of Thule, set for release in October, is now available for pre-orders as well as for ordering via digital download. And has become the tradition, not only does it include the newest expansion but all of the prior expansions to the game, making it an excellent purchase to catch up with everything.

Aside from a level cap increase, House of Thule is set to include player housing and 13 new zones (one of which will presumably be some sort of dwelling or domicile). The pre-order for the standard game includes a live topiary mount and a 16-slot bag, while the collector's edition also includes a dead topiary mount and a 20-slot bag. EverQuest players are also encouraged to watch the trailer just after the cut, showing off some of the more visually impressive elements of the coming expansion.

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