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Kill Bill actress starring in upcoming Yakuza game


Chiaki Kuriyama may be most well known for her terrifying roles in Kill Bill and Battle Royale, but she'll soon become more familiar to gamers as "Misuzu Asaki," the heroine in the upcoming Yakuza title Ryu ga Gotoku: Of the End. Sega revealed her role to IGN and handed over a couple of images for comparison -- one of Kuriyama in the recording booth, another as her in-game character (oddly, this is the first actual image of the game that we've seen).

Other Of the End screens depict additional characters -- Tetsuo Nikaido, Tomoaki Nagaham, DD, Oya-san and Daigo Dojima -- though no images have been released with any of the game's playable characters just yet. As we noted when the game's title was revealed yesterday, we expect to learn much more at next week's Tokyo Game Show.

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