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Medal of Honor gameplay trailer fuels the war machine


We've really got to give it to EA for these Medal of Honor Experience videos -- there's no quick cuts or flashy editing, just pure, unadulterated gameplay. It's as close as you can get without actually holding the controller in your hand. In this latest edition, titled "High Value Target," you get a look at the game's Combat Mission multiplayer mode, which has the two teams either attacking or defending a series of objectives. In this case, it appears that the player's side is trying to escort tanks through a destroyed airfield, making for some pretty impressive visual spectacle.

Of course, this video is missing one thing we experienced a lot in the multiplayer beta a while back -- all that time we spent waiting to respawn while dead. Sure, you could end up being as good as this guy, and sure, watching the action is more fun than watching a countdown timer. But next time, EA, maybe throw in at least one respawn and show the complete game. Whaddaya say?

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