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Capcom hosts a Dead Rising 2 party at Greene's Hardware


Capcom rented out some empty retail space in East Los Angeles last night to set up Greene's Hardware. The company invited the public by for a "Super Sale," and held a pre-release party instead. Lots of Dead Rising 2's best implements were on display out front, and in back, the full game was playable on a roomful of demo units.

The pizza and soda flowed freely, and Capcom held a few contests -- participants were tasked with building actual zombie-killing items out of plastic toys, and they came up with a few good ideas, including a plastic sword shuriken and some sort of pencil stabbing thing (it looked very effective). Winners took home the prize above -- a Dead Rising 2 t-shirt cleverly disguised as a roll of duct tape. You can browse through all the festivities in the gallery below.

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