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Warriors of Rock first Guitar Hero game to integrate Twitter and Facebook on Wii


Facebook and Twitter integration is far from the most exciting advancement made in gaming this generation. But, it's a feature that Wii has yet been privy too. That changes with the upcoming Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. Speaking to Nintendojo, Vicarious Visions producer Joe Fisher proclaimed that "we are the first Wii title to support social networking sites, with Facebook and Twitter."

Elaborating further, he says that you'll be able to broadcast various in-game accomplishments. Making up for Nintendo's lack of a unified achievement system, the developer has decided to create its own, which connects with the social networking sites. "We've also incorporated a Wii award system, so when you do specific challenges in the game, you get credited for an award. You can share those with your online friends as well." Considering the arcade focus of the upcoming game, we're certain hardcore Guitar Hero fans will appreciate being able to share bragging rights on the Wii as well.

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