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Windows Phone 7 device roundup: LG E900 earns GCF certification, HTC Trophy meets Vodafone

Chris Ziegler

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You might remember that a huge roadmap document leaked out of HTC late last year; though many of the devices in it never materialized, the fact that the Legend, Bravo, and Photon turned out to be legit (as the Legend, Desire, and HD Mini, respectively) lends credence to the belief that all of the phones in that slide deck were at least on HTC's drawing board at one time or another. One of the more interesting MIA handsets -- the so-called Trophy with WinMo 6.5 and a portrait QWERTY keyboard -- looks like it may have been repurposed as a Windows Phone 7 model thanks to some new shots out of Vodafone Germany's inventory system, which is pretty awesome considering how difficult portrait QWERTY devices are to come by, generally (though it would've had to get a redesign with a higher-res display and faster processor to meet Microsoft's spec guidelines). Along the same lines, LG's well-leaked E900 has recently gotten its blessing from the Global Certification Forum where it's listed with 900 / 2100MHz 3G (HSPA, we're sure) alongside quadband GSM. Certainly going to be an interesting fall, isn't it?

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