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Cataclysm Beta: Mining and herbalism give experience

Gregg Reece

We've heard of people trying to play as pacifists in World of Warcraft, but there wasn't a lot of support for it in the game. A lot of the experience was earned from holiday events, battleground dailies, profession dailies, items with repeatable quests, and collection quests scattered across the game. If they played healers, this was much easier, as they could heal dungeons and battlegrounds without participating in the actual killing themselves.

Blizzard added another way to earn some experience with the latest patch for Cataclysm. You now earn experience when both gathering from mining and herbalism nodes. This is being reported about 4,000 experience for herb nodes in Wintergrasp at level 80. However, these do suffer from the same experience reduction that lower level quests are hit with. As an example, a level 83 player mining a copper node earns 5 experience but earns a couple of thousand from a titanium node.

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