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Frank West teased in Dead Rising 2 viral blog


In a recent post on Capcom's viral site for Dead Rising 2, fictitious Fortune City denizen "Johnny Pipes" tells the tale of his search for sweets amid the zombie horde and a Chuck Greene spotting along the way. When Pipes started snapping pics of Greene with his camera phone, though, Greene took off. Never one to shy away from danger, Pipes pursued Greene and evidently noticed another gentleman (of the non-zombie variety) at his side: Is that Frank West?

Outside of the tale and a very, very blurry shot of the duo fighting zombies side by side (seen above), the Tape It or Die post doesn't give out hard details on whether we can expect to see the first game's star in DR2 -- perhaps as an additional player in the game's co-op mode? We can't be sure just yet, but Pipes' story indicates that West's camera could also make a return. Sure, he's shot wars before, but has West shot Chuck Greene plowing through a crowd of the undead with chainsaws attached to a wheelchair? Yeah, didn't think so.

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