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Halo: Reach causing Red Ring of Death (emblems)


And you thought the Covenant were scary! Seriously though, Halo: Reach doesn't cause the dreaded Red Ring of Death, but you can massage the emblem editor to make one for your Spartan. The image is part of a primer on Spartan customization, earning credits and uploading content to your file share.

Check out the full guide on to learn about the various customization options -- including the Grunt Birthday Party armor effect. The guide also goes over the challenge system, which allows players to complete rotating challenges that earn extra credits that can be spent on even more armor customizations. Finally, the guide details how to save films for uploading to the Reach community. Thankfully, saving films no longer requires backing out of the lobby, and can be done right from the start menu, which should come in handy when you start working on that plasma pistol / DMR pro montage.

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