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Kitsu Saga shows off character options and a preview trailer

Eliot Lefebvre

Kitsu Saga, the newest free-to-play game from Aeria Games, is currently still in the midst of beta. While we were a bit unfamiliar with the game when it was first announced -- which is to say completely unaware of it -- we've just been given both a preview trailer for the game (embedded after the cut) and a small gallery of images showing off the range of body types available to players during character creation.

According to the development team, characters can be aged as well as having different body types, which has a direct impact on the character's abilities. A middle-aged and heavily muscled man will have better physical stats at creation than a willowy little girly man, for example. Aside from character creation, both the gallery and the trailer show off the clean and cartoonish style of the game's graphics. Take a look past the cut for the trailer, and keep an eye as more news comes out about the coming Kitsu Saga.

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