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Sony patent for last-gen console adapter surfaces

The long and puzzling saga of the PS3's now removed backwards compatibility with PS2 games may have just added another chapter. Japanese tech site Gigazine recently uncovered a patent filed by Sony Japan in February 2009, which appears to outline an "adapter" that could serve as a bridge for older generation games (e.g., PS2 discs) to be played on current generation consoles (e.g., the PS3).

We've contacted Sony for a comment on the patent, which was filed before Sony's John Koller definitively struck down the possibility of backwards compatibility on the PS3 last August. It's worth noting that the filing doesn't explicitly state the device's use for PS2 games on PS3. But, c'mon, what else could it be talking about? A UMD adapter for the PSP Go? Actually, now that we think about it, that might just come in handy.

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