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Vanquish Limited Edition sliding into UK and French retailers


Right between our Fallout 3 Vault Boy bobblehead and our BioShock Big Daddy statue is a gaping hole -- a gaping hole approximately three inches wide and seven inches tall. Wouldn't you know it, Sega of Europe just this morning announced a limited edition version of forthcoming Platinum-developed Vanquish with a seven inch tall statue of the game's main character, Sam Gideon.

The LE will be exclusive in the UK to retailer Zavvi (not to be confused with Navi or the Nav'i), whereas Game will carry it in France. The asking price is £54.95 ($85) in the UK, and no price has been listed by Game for the French release.

Update: Sega confirmed to Joystiq that there will be no US release of the Limited Edition.

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