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Blue Castle Games acquired by Capcom


Capcom apparently really liked Blue Castle Games' work on Dead Rising 2, as the publisher just revealed at TGS that it has purchased the Canadian developer. Keiji Inafune, Managing Corporate Officer of Capcom, said the publisher made the acquisition because the future of Capcom will require working with other developers on games that feel like they were made in Japan, but also have that Western je ne sais quoi. The studio will henceforth be known as Capcom Game Studios Vancouver.

Taking the stage after the announcement, Rob Barret, president/CEO of Blue Castle Games, said, "We take this responsibility very seriously. Capcom games have a certain flavor ... we don't just want to make amazing games, we want to make amazing Capcom games."

Phew, that's a relief. Good thing Capcom bought the company then -- would have been awkward if Blue Castle wanted to make amazing Konami games.

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