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Cataclysm Beta: Guild ranks can be set to require authenticator


The Cataclysm beta currently features a Requires Authenticator checkbox in the guild controls for each rank in a guild. Once activated for a rank, you cannot promote someone to that rank unless he or she is using an authenticator. At this time, the highest rank below Guild Master defaults to Requires Authenticator's being checked, and all other ranks default to its being off.

This is a much more reliable tool than making members show their Core Hound Pup in order to get guild bank privileges, which was really the only way to verify authenticator use before. Of course, this is the beta, and that means the functionality may change drastically before making it to live, if it does. I predict, however, that Blizzard will try its very best to release this setting, as its use should reduce time spent recovering stolen bank items.

Guild leaders, will you use this feature? Guild officers, what is your opinion of this change?

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