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One Shots: Hey baby, nice chainmail


It seems like the closer to launch that Final Fantasy XIV gets, the louder the love-hate war rages about this particular title. Some people can't wait until the release later this month, and others are taking just about every chance they can get to vent their spleens. But no matter which side of the fence you're on, there's very little point in attempting to deny that the graphics are quite luscious. Today we have some more eyecandy from the Final Fantasy XIV beta, courtesy of Andrew B., who writes in to explain the scene: "[I] was at the bazaar, looking at copper buckles, when I was suddenly transfixed on the detail of her chainmail. Final Fantasy XIV has probably the most beautiful graphics with the utmost attention to detail. One walk around the La Noscea region and I was intrigued. I started switching weapons around, toying with crafting and gathering, doing levequests and was hooked!"

From big to small, we love MMOs, but we need you to send in your screenshots for One Shots to work! All you have to do to take part is to email your images to us here at along with your name, the name of the game, and a description of what we're seeing in the image. (Guild, server, etc., are also always welcome.) Please make sure your image is at least 1024 pixels wide and has as few visible UI elements as possible. Your screenshot could wind up as the next one featured here on Massively!

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