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The Classifieds: What do you call a pack of rampaging dwarven hunters?


The Classifieds brings you weekly news from around the WoW community, including our famous Random Acts of Uberness.

Hundreds of dwarven hunters swarming through Kharanos and into Blackrock Mountain astride their trusty rams -- what's not to love about this player event? Reader Liessa tipped us off to this recent Warcraft Hunters Union event, designed especially to suit the guild's current level 30 level cap. The event's objective: the dastardly Overmaster Pyron. "Clearly, Pyron was too easy," admits WHU organizer (and WoW Insider hunter expert) Brian "Frostheim" Wood. "But the idea stuck in my head and wouldn't go away. I knew we'd slaughter him in no time now at level 30, but I just loved the idea of the WHU army marching on Blackrock Mountain. I thought that would look so cool. So I scrapped the original intended target in favor of marching on Blackrock Mountain. I'm certainly glad I did, 'cause I think it looks cool as all hell."

We think so as well. Sound like fun to you, too? Join the level-capped, all-hunter action with your own hunter at Warcraft Hunters Union.

Let's crack open The Classifieds ...

Random Acts of Uberness

It's when another player lights up your night with precise play, a wicked sense of humor or unexpected generosity that your login becomes something to remember. Share your Random Acts of Uberness with Keep things brief (150 words or less, please), and be sure to list everyone's character names and home realms or battlegroup.

Staas, Doomhammer (US-A) I'm a new player to World of Warcraft. I haven't made it through more than half of the dungeons, but I love the experience of going in ignorant and learning the tactics. So when I went into the (I'm told) dreaded Sunken Temple, I was disheartened when the "guide" had never even been inside before. Staas stepped up and not only led us through, but taught us the entire dungeon. It took a while, but Staas stayed with us through near wipes and high stress. Now, I feel like I could take a group through. It was an amazing experience, and Staas was the one who made it awesome. -- Astraios, Undermine (US-A)

Froustmourne, Shattered Halls (US-A) I am gearing up (using emblems) my night elf hunter on Galakrond in preparation for ICC runs. Sundance was in Gundrak with a pretty good PUG. We had just reached the final boss, Gal'Darah. We proceeded to engage and start the drill down. Suddenly, I and the tank were the only ones alive! Froustmourne, a pally tank with no guild affiliation from Shattered Halls realm, dragged Gal'Darah all around while I misdirected and shot the heck outta the boss. Froustmourne stayed alive and kept the boss off me. Then it was over and I was one happy hunter! Froustmourne was amazing! My thanks to him for being a great tank and doing his job so I could do mine! -- Sundance, <The Spartans>, Galakrond (US-A)

News: Azeroth local edition

Nice day for a WoW wedding Everybody loves a WoW wedding story. Reader Alan writes in to share how he used a little in-game roleplaying to smooth over his real-life nerves: "I just got married with the woman of my dreams, who also plays WoW. We met three years ago on Steamwheedle Cartel (US) during a partial guild merger. I was the GM of the guild and my wife, Samantha, was just joining with many others from another guild. It wasn't long before we had become fast friends. We didn't start dating until well into Wrath, well after the guild fell apart and we both moved into a new guild, but far less active.

"Soon after we started dating, she moved down to where I lived due to lack of work and both of us (being) tired of living hours away. Down here, she found a job and we got a wonderful apartment and things were good. One day, it just struck me that I should propose, but not just any proposal. I decided to buy a ring and propose in WoW to distract her while I pulled out the ring and got ready to pop the question." See the results in the mini-gallery below.

Gallery: The Classifieds: Delicious Chocolate Wedding | 5 Photos

Alan reports that while the wedding itself was quite traditional, everyone enjoyed the WoW-themed cake. "Even the people who didn't get it and had to be told what it meant thought it was cute and funny," he reports. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Pre-Cataclysm fun and games <Heavens Darkness> of Madoran (US-H) is still coming down from the high of its jam-packed Pre-Cataclysm Fun and Games Day this past weekend. "With our sister guilds, <Business Time> and <WildatHeart>, we filled up the roster quickly," writes their guild rep. The lengthy event included a scavenger hunt, a escape-from-the-Stockades contest, a level 1 cross-country race and more.

Employment: Guild recruiting

Is your guild ready for Cataclysm? Send in your guild name, realm, guild website and a sentence or two on your guild's focus (10-man, RP, late-night raiding, whatever) to

Social WoW <The Admirals Pub> of Thorium Brotherhood (US-A) is in full recruitment swing. "We are a laid-back social guild that strives to have fun and do things together, whether it be the Gnomeregan event, roleplaying or all-out, crazy randomness," writes Sean, their recruiter. "We plan to raid if interest sparks, but only up to two nights a week. We PvP, level, RP -- but mostly, it's a place to make some friends, chill out and do what you love doing: enjoying the game!"

Burning Crusade raiding <Pride of Outland> of Azjol-Nerub (US-A) is seeking capable level 70 players to clear BC raid content. "We raid Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 3 p.m. Mountain time," writes their recruiter. "Mail Tadahh if interested, and check our recruitment thread on WoW's Azjol-Nerub forums."

Casual 10-man raiding <Seeds of Glory> Arathor (EU-A), 11/12 in ICC, is recruiting for a Lich King kill and hard modes. "We're looking for a number of people who are in the market for a friendly, no asshats guild with relaxed raiding times (two hours on weeknights, four hours every other weekend) but focus during those times," writes their recruiter. "We have a broad spectrum of ages in the guild, a female-friendly environment, our own Ventrilo server and ... just lots of fun. We don't have a mass of complex rules, the main one being 'Don't be an asshat,' which seems pretty fair to me."

ICC-25 <Eclipse> on The Scryers (US-H) is a 25-man progression raiding guild looking for more members for ICC-25. "We have Professor Putricide to phase 3, and we are looking for skilled (and possibly geared) melee and ranged DPS to kill him and continue," notes their recruiting officer. "We start our runs every night at 5:30 server time (8:30 EST), and we run raids every day to keep everybody entertained. With enough members in the raid, we use a DKP system to make sure our most dedicated raiders are rewarded! Bring your flasks and your A-game!"

10-man prepping for Cataclysm <Moonlight Shadow> on Nathrezim (US-H-PvP) is re-opening its doors in preparation for Cataclysm: leveling, gearing up alts, helping members along to max cap and getting folks raiding ready. "We're a casual-based,10-man focused guild, also looking to build our own mini premade PvP team for the new expac," writes their recruiter.

Special Ops RP <Spectres> of Wyrmrest Accord (US-H-RP), a roleplaying-focused guild that also enjoys extremely casual PvE/PvP, is looking for more players to bolster their ranks as a special ops-styled RP. "The main focus is to take care of issues the main forces of the Horde military can't spare the manpower to focus on, either via dungeon RPs or world events," writes their recruiter. "OOC very casual and socially a group of goofballs. :)"

Crack open The Classifieds for weekly player and community news, help finding the right guild, events of interest and more. Send us your shout-outs for Random Acts of Uberness and mail your news tips and announcements to

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