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TUAW's Daily App: Rocketeer


Nope, this isn't a movie adaptation (though I'd like to play that game, too). Instead, it's a physics puzzler that has you tossing little rocket-riding guys around planets of various sizes, with gravitational effects to match. The graphics are simple but effective, and the game is surprisingly forgiving -- you get as many chances to try and throw the little guys around as you need, but fewer tries means a better score. There are 80 levels to go through, but play will go pretty quickly. This game has "just one more try" written all over it.

It's only 99 cents on the App Store, and for a cheap, physics-based thrill, it delivers. There's also an iPad version available (also for 99 cents) if you'd rather play it there. It could probably be a little more polished (there were times when I thought the puzzle solving was more about random placement rather than actual trial and error), but when you do finally figure out the solution of where to throw your little guy in between the planets, it always ends up being very satisfying.

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