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APB PureSkill patch incoming [Updated]

Jef Reahard

All Points Bulletin's frenetic multiplayer combat is about to get a substantial facelift in the form of the PureSkill ruleset. The new rules, which remove all upgrades except for ammo carrier, go into effect with today's 1.4.2 patch and will be available in specific districts that are chosen via the instance tab on the game's district select screen. The new ruleset is intended to bring tactics and player skill to the forefront of APB's competitive criminal versus enforcer matches, rather than leaving players at the mercy of the traditional MMO RNG.

In addition to the PureSkill additions, Realtime Worlds has also tweaked post-processing effects, color grading, and depth of field, and a number of exploits and bugs have been squashed with today's update. Take a gander at the full patch notes on the official website for more details.

[Update: And, apparently, APB is dying. Whoops.]

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